Mares Rover 2S Regulator



The new Mares Rover 2S is an excellent choice for intensive rental use in the Diving Centers and for all divers who want reliability! The new Mares Rover 2S first stage is the evolution of the piston regulator. A sandblasted finish to increase scratch resistance. The protection cover is designed to allow the installation of an RFID chip for rental use managed by dedicated PC software, plus easy and reduced maintenance for INT and DIN version.

The Mares Rover 2S has a simple non-balanced piston first stage design that is great for the entry level diver or to be used in rental programs. The exclusive MARES DFC system featured minimises the intermediate pressure drop which occurs in all regulators during the inhalation phase. This pressure drop is greater when higher airflow is demanded of the regulator. The DFC system substantially reduces breathing effort and inhalation resistance, especially during deep dives and under high air flow conditions.

This product is currently only available in INT configuration.



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