Suunto EON Core

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Suunto introduces the new colourful Suunto EON Core, a compact dive computer with a large colour display, designed to serve beginners, active, as well as advanced recreational divers. With modern features like mobile connectivity, wireless tank pressure transmission with Suunto Tank POD, updatable software and a re-chargeable battery, this dive computer is a loyal diving partner that grows with you.The Suunto EON Core’s wide, and clear colour screen provides all the important key dive details in bright, high contrast colours. The new prominent display option shows the important dive info with large, legible numbers that are easy to read and understand at a glance. The always-on LED backlight ensures that you can see the vitally important data even when exploring wrecks in murky waters or diving at night.After the dive you can transfer you dives to Suunto Movescount App over a wireless Bluetooth connection with a mobile device. You can also change your settings, keep a diving diary and share your underwater adventures and pictures on Suunto Movescount.The Suunto EON Core is also compatible with the Suunto Tank POD, and you can connect wirelessly with up to 10 x Suunto Tank POD to display tank and gas information during the dive.With the software being user updatable, the Suunto EON Core is definitely a long lasting dive companion for years to come!

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