Aquatec RG-3100S(B) TecDive Vition ICE Regulators

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TecDive Vition ICE Regulators


Second stage – Mouthpiece you breathe from. Also called a demand valve because it gives you air when you demand it (inhale) at the exact pressure you need for breathing comfortably.

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Assist (VIA) lever, making perfect regulator tuning a breeze.
All chromed metal components – inlet tube, orifice, inhalation control knob, and cooling connector and nut – for excellent performance even in cold water.
Metal components also allow for extremely easy breathing while also retaining heat and moisture from exhaled breath. This provides increased resistance to freezing in cold water and less “dry mouth”.
Expanded exhalation port and diffusing T piece, both reducing CO2 buildup while pushing the exhalation bubbles further away from the front of your face. No more bubbles in your face.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Type: Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage for solid performance and reliabilit
  • Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi
  • Inhalation effort: 1.2-1.4 CIW (Column inches of Water).
  • Exhalation efferot: 0.6″(1.52cm) w.c. max. @1atm.
  • Flow rate: Air flow at 200 bar/3000psi: 1800 l/min – 66 SCFM
  • Ergonomic one-handed diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and Venturi Inhalation
  • Chrome plated inlet tube, adjustment knob, cooling spacer, or fice and nut
  • High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece
  • Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection
  • Nitrox Compatible out the box
  • Expanded Exhaust T-Piece with a soft chin guard
  • Weight: 266.5g (0.94lb)
  • Faceplate Color: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow, Red
  • CE marked and approved
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
  • ⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec


  • After each use, must be rinsed with fresh water.

Warranty Period

  • From the purchase of one year from the date of the product warranty.
  • Normal operating circumstances, the non-human damage, the company must ensure that free maintenance.

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Aquatec_Scuba|Regulator Second Stage|RG-3100S Instructions.

RG-3100S Scuba Regulator Periodic Maintenance-ASSEMBLY

RG-3100S Scuba Regulator Periodic Maintenance-DIS ASSEMBLY



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